Gas Grill BBQ-Station Magnum G3

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Gas Grill BBQ-Station Magnum G3

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Product information

The Videro gas grill BBQ stations make a noble impression.

With all the refinements high-performance gas grills offer: The rapit ignition and powerful energy of the burners, the large temperature range and the even generation of heat, combined with a clean combustion and plenty of comfort - from the back-friendly working height and side storage surfaces to the spacious lower cabinet with a lot of space for accessories

  • Gas grill with 3 main burners (each 4 kW/13,649 BTU)
  • High performance burners from stainless steel with Jet Flame Ignition System
  • Side burner (6.5 kW/22,178 BTU)
  • Main barbecue area 62 × 48 cm/24.4 x 18.9 in., Warming rack 59 × 13 cm/23.2 x 5.1 in.
  • Solid grilling grates made from enamelled cast iron
  • With FatDrip System: The intelligent fat drain system ensures an authentic grill taste
  • and low cleaning effort
  • Illuminated control knops (two-coloured)
  • Interior lighting for cooking chamber for convenient preparation at dusk
  • Lid with glass inset allows practical viewing of the cooking space
  • Large lid thermometer (display in °C and °F)
  • Including brackets to take up kitchen roll and bin liner
  • With cutlery and sauce holder
  • Case made from powder coated steel
  • Length of power cable: approx. 1.8 m
  • Storage area for gas tanks up to 11 kg/24.3 lbs DE