Burger Press PRO

Burger Press PRO

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18/10 stainless steel burger press, consisting of stamp and ring. For simple and easy preparation of hamburgers. Ring diameter 11 cm/4.3 in., suitable for standard and large buns. Ring height 6 cm with scaling, for patties from 100 g - 350 g. Easy shaping and removing of patties. Not designed as grilling aid, not for use on grill. Easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

Portion and weigh minced meat as desired (e.g. 200 g each). Next, shape into a ball and place it on e.g. baking paper, keeping ca. 13 - 15 cm/ 5.3 - 5.9 in. distance between. Position ring centrally over minced meat ball and, using the stamp of the burger press, one by one shape patties on baking paper. Using a spatula, they can be easily and comfortably placed on the grill or in the frying pan.