Cast Iron Grid RS Ø 60 cm|24 in.

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Product information

The enamelled Cast Iron Grid made by Rösle is a suitable accessory for all grill models and available in either 50 or 60 cm in diameter. With its stainless steel handles, the grid can be easily and comfortably placed on the hot coals and be removed. The material stores and conducts heat particularly efficiently, creating a branding effect. The branding leaves a distinctive pattern with a tasty burnt flavour on the grilled food. The unique honeycomb pattern makes the Rösle cast iron grid very special.



  • Enamelled cast-iron grid
  • The solid material stores a lot of heat and ensures perfect grill marks on your food
  • Two stainless steel handles for easy transportation
  • Designed as a stand-alone cast iron grid
  • Fits all kettle grill models with Ø 60 cm, 23.6 in.