Jar with Silicone Glass Lid Ø 16 cm|6.3 in.

Jar with Silicone Glass Lid Ø 16 cm|6.3 in.

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Product information

The tin with fresh-keeping lid has a Ø 16 cm and a height of 6,5 cm and is excellent as a storage tin for food e.g. soups.

Stainless steel is the ideal material for storing food. It is tasteless, easy to clean and durable. The cans are sealed aroma-tight by the silicone edge of the glass lid. The cans can be stacked easily due to the flat lid.

The smaller cans are ideal for spices and herbs, while the larger cans are suitable both as storage containers and for storing cooked food.

Which size is required? Use our calculation aid:

Fit in a tin with a capacity of 0.5 L

approx. 400 g flour
approx. 500 g sugar
approx. 250 g ground nuts
Fit in a tin with contents 1 L

approx. 800 g flour
approx. 1 kg sugar
approx. 500 g ground nuts