Garlic Cutter Ø 8 cm

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To achieve a milder garlic aroma, it is recommended that you chop the garlic cloves instead of pressing them. The garlic does not lose any essential oils and its natural taste is allowed to unfold. The new RÖSLE garlic cutter does this fabulously. Sophisticated cutting technology with a high-quality design preserves the entire contents of the garlic because stainless steel blades cut small, fine cubes, which are produced in no time by a rotating movement. Just tap them out. There is also an intelligent storage option for unnecessary garlic cloves.

  • Incl. storage compartment which can also be used for storing clove peels
  • No smell of garlic on your hands
  • Cleaning under running water
  • Stainless steel knife, plastic housing
  • Only for peeled cloves of garlic
  • Cleaning by hand recommended
  • Dimensions: ø 7 cm x 7 cm