Pineapple Cutter Pro

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Pineapple Cutter Pro
Pineapple Cutter Pro
Pineapple Cutter Pro
Pineapple Cutter Pro
Pineapple Cutter Pro

Pineapple Cutter Pro

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Product information

Preparing meals takes time every day. That's why RÖSLE kitchen gadgets always offer that special something and are even something for the eye.
Pineapple is not just exotic, sweet and juicy - it’s also healthy and packed with vitamins. No wonder that hardly anyone can resist the temptation. And with the pineapple slicer PRO, removing the flesh doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore but can be done quickly, cleanly and super easily.

  • Evenly sized slices of pineapple
  • Easy cutting with little force required
  • For removing the flesh easily and effortlessly
  • With scale to help you determine how deep you need to cut
  • Slot for conveniently removing the core
  • Suitable for pineapples of typical sizes
  • The flesh can be removed in parts - so you don’t have to eat the whole pineapple all at once.
  • Dishwasher-safe

Completely tailored to the wishes, the following features can be used:

  • The maximum amount of flesh from the pineapple is extracted. To do this, cut through the base of the pineapple and the stalk can be easily pushed out via the ejection slot.
  • Get the perfect dessert cup for a freshly prepared fruit salad or even a cocktail cup. In addition, the delicious fruit juice remains in the pineapple and can be drunk or used further. For this purpose, the scale serves as a guide to use the maximum incision depth without piercing the bottom.