Aroma Egg

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Product information

The best things come in small packages – with the RÖSLE aroma egg, herbs and spices can be cooked compactly in the pot, allowing their delicate aroma to fully unfold. When the cooking time comes to an end, the aroma egg and its contents can be simply taken out of the pot by the handle. This ensures that the desired aromas reach the dish directly – for as long as necessary. Due to its compact size, it can easily be used as a tea infuser in cups and glasses.

  • Floats on the surface due to an integrated air cushion 
  • Solid and elegant stainless-steel basket with a bayonet catch 
  • Handle made of black plastic
  • Ideal for bay leaves, star anise or cardamom capsules and juniper berries
  • Also suitable for loose leaf tea or fresh mint
  • Dimensions: ø 5 cm x 9 cm