Gas Grill BBQ-Station Vision G4 black 50 mbar (4 Burners)

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Product information

Gas grills are the top choice for anyone who loves spontaneous barbecues. Ours go one step further, bringing you convenience, lots of space, and a versatile cooking experience - all outdoors.


The grill can be started quickly and operated at a wide range of temperatures, leaving plenty of room for creativity. You can see this clearly for yourself: the glass insert allows easy viewing at any time for optimum results, without unnecessarily prolonging the cooking time by constantly opening and closing the lid. High burner capacity ensures plenty of power. The ergonomic operating height of 90 cm offers a relaxed cooking experience. Enjoy your barbecue for years to come with the honeycomb-effect cast iron grid and the all-rounder's high-quality finishing.



  • Gas grill with 4 main burners plus side burner
  • High-performance cast iron burners, each with 5.3 kW of power
  • Lid with glass insert for easy viewing of cooking chamber
  • Storage space for gas bottles up to 11 kg DE/24.3 lbs