Beech Wood Chips 750 g|1.65 lbs

Beech Wood Chips 750 g|1.65 lbs

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Content: 0.75 Gramm (EUR 11.93 * / 1 Gramm)

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Product information
  • Smoking Wood Chips from 100 % natural untreated wood
  • Beech Aroma ideal for fish but also venison, pork, beef and ham, imparts a strong smoke flavour
  • Available in 3 additional flavours: Apple, Hickory and Cherry
  • Very smoke intensive and therefore short smoking times recommended
  • No chemicals added, no bark
  • Adds an aromatic smoke flavour, similar to American barbecue flavour
  • Quality made in Germany

To enhance your barbecue flavour, place 1-2 handfuls into the RÖSLE smoking box and close the lid. Place smoking box directly on hot charcoals. When using a gas grill, place smoking box directly on the grill rack above a burner. As soon as smoke rises from the box place the uncooked, marinated meat on grill rack.

Store in a dry place and protect from sunlight.