Vegetable knife Masterclass 9 cm

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Made in Solingen and thus the concentrated package of highest precision, steel art and best quality.

With literally the finest blade, these knives are true experts in their field and make it almost impossible not to appreciate them. The walnut handle is completed by a logo embossing in stainless steel. An expression of true quality and passion for design.

The 9 cm vegetable knife with its straight blade is used for cutting and cleaning a wide variety of vegetables.


Made in Solingen:

When it says Made in Solingen on it, it doesn't just have to be the proverbial Solingen.

The specifications and standards are high and are carefully checked. All factors must fit together and meet the requirements - including the cutlery standard, the hardness of the material or the necessary work processes, which must take place according to regulated specifications. Only in this way can the valued quality be achieved and maintained.

The perfect combination of traditional RÖSLE quality and the speciality of the Solingen Knife Art.