Topfset 5-tlg. Silence

Topfset 5-tlg. Silence

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Product information

The high-quality, 2-tone, polished stainless steel series Silence® has an enclosed sandwich base with aluminium core is ideal for preparing your favourite dishes, regardless of the cooker you use. It performs well, whether the cooker is electric, ceramic, gas or induction, and even copes with the oven. And the best thing is: once the work is done, the pots can conveniently be washed in the dishwasher.


For pasta, roasts and vegetables - set for every occasion.Consists of low casserole Ø 20 cm/7.9 in.,casserole Ø 16 cm/6.3 in., 20 cm/7.9 in. and 24 cm 9.45 in., saucepan Ø 16 cm/6.3 in. including lid thermometer.


  • Hygienic and neutral in taste; Sealed base with 5 mm aluminium core retains heat effectively and guarantees a fast and even heat distribution
  • Practical all round pouring rim for drip free pouring; Measuring scale inside
  • Pot lid made of shatter-proof glass, fitted with silicone rim for sealed seating on the pot
  • Lid is heat-resistant up to 180 °C | 356 °F
  • Ergonomically shaped handles made from stainless steel cast
  • Dishwasher-proof
  • Suitable for all heat sources: Electric, ceramic, gas, and induction hobs as well as ovens
  • Sauce Pan: ergonomic handle with silicone for optimum handling (temperature resistant up to 260 °C | 500 °F)
  • Incl. 1 thermometer for monitoring the cooking processes