Multifunctional Grater

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Product information

In the perfect triad

The perfect combination solution for all cases in a noble design. The triangular grater covers the most important functions for grating and planing food. The sharp blades and etched grating teeth ensure powerless grating with best grating results.

Different functions:

Page 1 - Fine grater: For the finest Parmesan or lemon peel
Page 2 - Coarse grater: For potatoes, apples or carrots
Page 3 - Slicer: For zucchini, carrots, potatoes or cucumbers
The run-up and run-down surfaces facilitate the application and optimise the friction process. Despite its variety, it is handy and can be easily stowed away. The removable planing surface makes it easy to clean.

The silicone feet allow non-slip working in all positions. Suitable for all foods, hard or soft. Including protective cover.