Cadini frying pans next to the 100% Recycled Aluminium logo


 Our CADINI series is made from 100% recycled aluminum. This is not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but as usual, of high quality. Even after the disposal of the pan, the pan body can be recycled again:

Cadini Frying Pan Half Aluminium Tin


Different numbers of aluminum cans are needed per product. It's amazing what you can make out of an old can! For example, 114 aluminum cans are used for the new 24 cm diameter saucepan, 47 cans for a small 20 cm diameter frying pan and even 98 cans for the new wok pan. 

Cadini frying pan 32 cm is taken out of the dishwasher


Aluminum is usually not suitable for the dishwasher. Due to the all-round coating of the pot body as well as the high-quality full-surface induction bottom, cleaning in the dishwasher is possible without hesitation. The pans can also be used on any type of stove.

Friends cook wok vegetables and soup in the Cadini wok pan and the Cadini cooking pot 20 cm


A solid bottom thickness and a solid wall thickness of the cast aluminum material provide excellent heat conduction and storage. This in turn has a positive effect on energy consumption. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, with consistent quality.

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Cadini - Pots

High-quality saucepans with premium ProResist non-stick coating. Thanks to the excellent material properties and the even heat distribution from the base to the sides, soups, vegetables or pasta are always a success. The robust non-stick coating even allows for use of stainless-steel kitchen utensils and if the rice pudding should burn, it can be easily removed..

Vegetables in the Cadini cooking pots
Soup and vegetables in the Cadini cooking pots
Cadini Cooking Pot 20 cm with Sweet Potato Soup Held with the Comfort Silicone Handles
Friends cook wok vegetables and soup in the Cadini wok pan and the Cadini cooking pot 20 cm
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Cadini - Frying pans

Schnitzel and fried potatoes in the Cadini frying pans 24 cm and 28 cm
Onions in the Cadini frying pan 24 cm
Turning fish fillets with the needle-nose tongs in the Cadini frying pan 28 cm
Couple cooks fish and vegetables with the Cadini frying pans
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Cadini - Serving pans & Wok

Freshly prepared and hot on the table. No problem with the new serving pan. You’ll be able to prepare classic spinach spaetzle just as successfully as the popular mac & cheese. And thanks to the coating, no food will stick to the pan. Incl. comfort silicone handles.

Lean meat, fresh scampi, crunchy vegetables - nothing burns thanks to the premium non-stick ProResist® coating.  Served with sweet and sour or peanut sauce, it tastes just as good as at your favourite Asian restaurant.

Wok Pan "Cadini" Ø 32 cm / 12.6 in. with non-stick coating ProResist
Serving Pan "Cadini" Ø 28 cm | 11.0 in. with non-stick coating ProResist
Friends cook wok vegetables and soup in the Cadini wok pan and the Cadini cooking pot 20 cm
Wok vegetables in the Cadini wok pan next to the pan/wok spoon Silicone
Vegetables in the Cadini serving pan next to the spice grinder
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Made with RÖSLE

Spinach spaetzle in the Cadini serving pan goes into the oven

Spinach spaetzle with fried onions

A new take on Spaetzle simply fantastic! If you love spaetzle, why not try a different version of this delicious speciality? Our Cadini cookware series ensures perfect success.