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Pans and pots with contents of the series Cadini photographed from above.
Cookware set "Silence PRO" 5 pcs.
Low Casserole "Silence PRO" Ø 20 cm
Cookware Set "Silence PRO" 4 pieces
High Casserole "Silence PRO" Ø 24 cm, high
Sauté Pan "Silence PRO" Ø 16 cm
Artichokes in the SILENCE PRO series cooking pot. Lid is safely stored in the handle.

Lid can be hooked into the side of the pot handle.

The lid can be hooked into the side of the pot handle for more order and space when cooking. Water that runs off is collected in the condensation trap.
Pouring water from the SILENCE PRO series saucepan by clever pouring function.

Two pouring options

The innovative lid with integrated pouring function eliminates the need for a pot holder and colander. With two fixed lid positions, a wide variety of foods can be strained:
  1. Lid set back: Straining large foods, e.g. potatoes, broccoli.
  2. Flush lid: Straining fine food, e.g. pasta, peas. 

Steam is drawn down from pot by steam vent integrated in stove.

Steam outlet due to lid curvature

Ideally suited for integrated hob extractors. The steam is extracted directly from the side of the pot and the steam does not collect in the kitchen.
Icon pan

Cookware series CADINI

Three friends stand laughing together at the stove and cook together.
Couple cooking together in three pans Cadini series.

The new CADINI cookware, made from 100% recycled aluminum, combines environmental friendliness and sustainability in one series.

But not only in the production, also in the energy use, the cookware convinces thanks to uniform heat conduction and excellent -storage.
And is also made in Italy.

All CADINI products

Serving Pan "Cadini" Ø 28 cm | 11.0 in. with non-stick coating ProResist
Wok Pan "Cadini" Ø 32 cm / 12.6 in. with non-stick coating ProResist
Vegetable soup in saucepan Cadini with glass lid

Uniform & long heat storage

A solid bottom thickness and a solid wall thickness of the cast aluminum material provide excellent heat conduction and storage. This in turn has a positive effect on energy consumption. Due to the full induction bottom, the pans can be used on any type of stove and may even be put in the dishwasher!
Button 100% recycled Aluminium


Pot and pan bodies are made from 100% recycled aluminum.
For a pan with Ø 28 cm, among other things, 90 cans are recycled. This is not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but as usual high quality and contemporary.
 Even after disposal, the pot or pan body can be recycled again, because aluminum is infinitely recyclable, with consistent quality.

Meat and chanterelles in a pan are turned with stainless steel turner.

Non-stick coating ProResist

The most robust of the sealings - incorporated silicon carbide particles make the surface tough and allow the use of stainless steel kitchen utensils.
The structure is somewhat rougher - but this in no way impairs the frying result.
On the contrary. Roasting aromas for the sauce base are like salt in the soup for the taste.
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Knife serie ARTESANO

Individual and pleasant.
The kitchen knives with olive wood handle are not only extremely sharp, they also add Mediterranean flair to any kitchen. The olive wood is warm and pleasant in the hand and the natural acids of the wood contained in the handle have an antibacterial effect. Exclusive treasures made in Solingen.
Chef's knife and lard knife series Artesano next to sliced meat.
Knives series Artesano next to fruit basket and vegetable basket.
Knives Artesano series on wooden board and in knife block.
Vegetable knife series Artesano on cutting board with carrots and tomatoes.

All ARTESANO knives

Chef´s knife Artesano 20 cm
Chef´s knife Artesano 20 cm
Low in stock
Santoku knife Artesano 16,5 cm | 6.5 in.
Bread knife serrated Artesano 22 cm | 8.5 in.
Carving knife Artesano 20 cm | 8.0 in.
Vegetable knife Artesano 9 cm | 3.5 in.
Icon knives

Knife block & sharpener

Black knife block equipped with knives lying on its side.

Knife block "MoveX" black

Knife block in open design for storing kitchen knives.
It offers space for two large, medium and small knives each, as well as for a sharpening steel or kitchen scissors.
The knives are simply inserted into the recesses and are thus always stored ready to hand. In addition, the knife block can be used standing or lying, depending on space and preference.
The finish in black ash wood underlines the chic, clean look. A knife block that fits into any modern kitchen.

Knife sharpener

Even high-quality knives need a fresh sharpening every now and then if they are used consistently.
If you don't get along well with a sharpening steel, you'll be successful with the knife sharpener. It comes with everything you need to ensure that even the inexperienced always have a sharp knife at hand.
Knives should be sharpened 1x per week on level 2!
Knife sharpener
Not available
Knife is sharpened in the RÖSLE knife sharpener.
Icon bowl

Kitchen gadgets à la RÖSLE

Cheesecake is portioned onto plates using the RÖSLE Cake Scoop.

Traditional classics

In addition to snow whisks, whisks and beaters, serving forks and cake scoops from the VS600 serving series and the hooked vegetable spoon are returning to the range.
For perfect stirring, mixing, portioning and serving.

Back in the range again!

VS 600 Pie Server
VS 600 Serving Fork
Vegetable Spoon 31,5 cm
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