Get a free pot holder €27.95 when you buy a pot set.

Charm cookware series saucepans
Trivet stainless steel
Get a free pot holder €27.95 when you buy a reduced RÖSLE pot set. 

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How it works:

Soup in the Silence Pro series saucepan

1. Add desired pot set to the shopping cart

Select a reduced pot set and add it to the shopping cart.

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2. Add pot holder to the shopping cart

Add the pot holder to your shopping cart.

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3. Enter discount code and get a free pot holder

Enter the discount code "RösleTopf" in the shopping cart and get the free pot holder 27,95 €.

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5-pieces pot set

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6 to 10 - pieces pot sets

Couple cooks together in the wok pan and saucepan of cookware series Cadini


A big word. But you can live it every day in many small ways. For example, in the love of favorite recipes. But also beyond that: How wonderful it is to give people the joy of cooking, the love of good ingredients or the feeling of enjoying together.

Two ladies cooking together in the kitchen with the Silence Pro pots and pans.


We develop products in close cooperation with professionals and consumers. And we listen to you. That's how our ideas develop into convincing tools in several steps. Of course, according to the principles of ergonomics and function. But of course also with a sense of modernity and style.

Friends cook together with the pots and pans cookware series Basic Line


Simply life. Everyone always thinks you have to have more, more, more. But when you chase that every day, there often comes a moment when one thing becomes less and less: The feeling for the really important things in life. The feeling for the small happiness. The enjoyment of the small moments.