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Anyone who is passionate about cooking and grilling knows how to appreciate superior quality because with good ingredients, good utensils, passion and a good mood, you can cook the most delicious meals. The RÖSLE range has everything you need for fresh and healthy cooking and safe and precise preparation. What RÖSLE stands for sounds simple, but there's a lot behind it: Making everyday products always a little bit better. We don't just look at the tool, but also at the person who should enjoy working with it.

RÖSLE stands for a high-quality brand and products, that everyone needs.

Henning Klempp, Managing Director RÖSLE

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The more hectic life is outside in the world, the more important it is to have a place that gives you a feeling of security, serenity and happiness. Here, where friends and good acquaintances are received and welcomed for a good chat and a shared meal, is where the joy of living starts. Connected to this joy is physical and mental well-being, the central starting point of which is almost always the kitchen.

It is all the more important that we feel really good in the kitchen. And the kitchen becomes a kind of place of power for us, surrounding us with energy and empathy. We would like to support you in all aspects with our products. For more joy in cooking & grilling.


"Love Cook Live" is our motto. At RÖSLE, we love bringing people together - with our high-quality kitchen gadgets and our extensive range of cookware. Cook together, sit at the table together, enjoy the food together.

RÖSLE products are well thought out down to the smallest detail and offer pure cooking pleasure. You can feel the excellent quality and it never fails to inspire people.

Cooking becomes an experience and part of everyday life.
And therefore, the motto is quite simple: LOVE. COOK. LIVE.

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When there are no limits to culinary delights and neither space nor time stand in the way of the BBQ experience, you´re free to satisfy your appetite for crunchy vergetables, juicy meat or fresh fish.

With passion, love and the experience of five generations, the GRILL AND CHILL philosophy becomes apparent in our applicanes and in all the accessories that make barbecuing with friends or family a shared experience.

Spending time together. Barbecuing together and enjoying life. And at the end of the evening, relaxing together feeling happy and full, satisfied and proud. It doesn´t just sound good - it is!

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The RÖSLE Group was founded in 1888 and developed from what initially just a small handicraft business.

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Visit us in our shops and outlets. Discover everything about cooking, grilling and enjoyment, as well as many bargains & special items.

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Together we are stronger. Our partners at a glance. Whether barbecuing or cooking, with so much passion, the spark will fly.