About us

This is us. This is RÖSLE.

  • Real - an expression of our personality

    "Real" is our central message that shapes our character and our attitude. At Rösle, we strive to be "Genuine" in everything we do. Genuine stands for human connections based on trust, respect and cordiality. For authentic moments of pleasure that characterize daily life and express community, joy and lightness. For us, food that is close and genuine is what connects people. With "Be honest", we get to the heart of this feeling, making it visible and tangible.

Welcome to the Allgäu, welcome to RÖSLE.

Values shape our character, just as mountains and lakes shape our home, the Allgäu. They form the foundation for how we are experienced and perceived. At RÖSLE, we live by four basic values that determine our actions, for respectful cooperation at eye level.


As RÖSLE, we are known for high-quality kitchen and barbecue utensils. This reputation is the result of reliability and authenticity. We strengthen trust in our brand with transparent communication and clarity. User-friendliness and quality are almost a matter of honor. Credibility also means planning for the long term. First-class service is the key to a lasting relationship with our partners and customers.


Only those who listen, are attentive and remain curious can improve. Openness is a basic principle at RÖSLE. Creativity and inspiration drive our work every day. In addition to genuine innovation, the difference between a good and a great product often lies in the detail. This is why the close exchange with partners and the opinions of our customers are an integral part of RÖSLE's development processes. In this way, we remain at the forefront even in fast-moving markets.


Sustainability is deeply rooted in our philosophy. From the selection of materials to the design of our products and our service. The RÖSLE brand passes through many hands every day and shapes people's everyday lives. For us, this is a great responsibility that requires far-sighted action and spurs us on to develop solutions that will also conserve resources in the future.


Everyone who comes into contact with our brand should have a positive experience. Not only our customers are hosts, but we are too. At all our points of contact. For us at RÖSLE, success is therefore a team effort. Anyone who knows us knows that our passion and enthusiasm lies in providing kitchen tools that make the preparation of good food a pleasure and a joy.