Clever solutions for fine cuisine.

Slicing a courgette with the Multifunction Grater and cooking on the cooker in the Silence Pro Serving Pan and Saucepan with the Gourmet Whisk

The RÖSLE kitchen range

"Cookware is the collective term for all vessels used to prepare hot dishes. Cookware in the broader sense also includes vessels which are used for frying and baking food."

Dispassionate definitions like this can be found in abundance on the Internet under the search term "cookware", but we at RÖSLE are convinced that cookware is associated with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm. For this reason, we are redefining the term "cookware" this year!

Full of zeal and commitment, we have designed, tested, improved and finally perfected a range of refined products. Our pots, pans and saucepans now show themselves with new capabilities and distinctive strengths to become the new favorite at home. With our products, we want to bring pleasure with ease into everyday life and ensure that the handling in the kitchen is facilitated and the devotion to cooking is strengthened.

We believe that the topics of cooking, taste and cuisine are full of emotions and colors, which should be enjoyed in their full glory. That is why we design our products with the highest passion, so that our customers can fully enjoy the intensity of colors and feelings.

Desire for fresh cuisine.
Desire for RÖSLE.
Jam in CHARM cooking pots 20cm and 24cm


Convince yourself of the RÖSEL stainless steel pots in noble design, best functionality and highest demand on quality. 
Rack of lamb in frying pan Silence Pro 32cm


From iron to aluminum to stainless steel pans, RÖSLE has everything in its assortment. You too can find the right pan for you.
Kitchen helper silicone on the kitchen ledge with wall mounts

Kitchen helpers

Everything under control with the indispensable helpers in the kitchen. Durable and timeless. This makes cooking fun.
Cutting bread with bread knife Masterclass on the cutting board with stainless steel handle

Knives + Cutters

Cutting and elegant - sharpness paired with aesthetics. It's in your hand - Find the perfect knife for you.
Couscous salad in tin with keep fresh lid


Always in view and yet safely stored, food can be served with RÖSLE bowls and tins.
Four friends stand together in the kitchen and cook.
Logo Love Cook Live


The film shows RÖSLE employees cooking and having fun together.

We give our passion to make the things of daily life in the kitchen easier for you. We are only satisfied when you enjoy using a RÖSLE kitchen helper. When we take work off your hands in your daily routine or even when preparing for a special occasion and certain activities come easily. Only then is our goal achieved, to which we dedicate our daily.