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Barbecue with the winners from RÖSLE.

We have won 3 test winner places this year - clear the stage for the RÖSLE winner grills.


Plug in, heat up and you´re ready to go. 

No matter if the charcoal is running out and the gas bottle is no longer completely full, the new electric grill VIDERO E2-P will turn up confidently.

Pink Cupcakes with the Whisk pink Silicone

Making a mark together.

Together against breast cancer - show your colors with us.

With the RÖSLE PINK CHARITY EDITION dough scarpers and whisks we support Pink Ribbon World Wide Awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

RÖSLE Bestsellers

FC Bayern Edition - Gas grill BBQ Station VIDERO G4-S FCB Vario+ black 50 mbar
Kettle Grill No.1 F60 AIR NERO (Ø 60 cm|24 in.)
Gourmet Ring No.1 F60/F60 AIR/G60
Pineapple Cutter Pro
Bowls Set 3 pcs.
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Done with RÖSLE

Allgäuer Kässpätzle with fried onions on plate

Kässpätzle from the Allgäu

The national dish of the Allgäu - Kässpätzle. Cook delicious spaetzle with our recipe very easily. So that the dish also becomes exactly the same, we recommend that you use the wrought iron frying pan.
Have fun!
Iron pan 28 cm

Frying pan 1888 wrought iron Ø 28 cm

This rustic, wrought-iron frying pan is perfect for preparing delicious cheese spätzle, scrambled eggs or Kaiserschmarrn. 


Kettle Grill No.1 Sport F60 black (Ø 60 cm|24 in.)
Gas grill BBQ-Station VIDERO G4-S NERO Vario+ black
BBQ Station VIDERO G3-S NERO Vario+ black 50 mbar
Kettle Grill No.1 F60 AIR NERO (Ø 60 cm|24 in.)
Grilling Grid Vario for Videro G3/G4 (until model year 2020)
Dr. Hermann Steinhauser
"Living on traditions is an easy thing, but preserving them and creating new ones for future generations is our task"

Managing Partner Dr. Hermann Steinhauser

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Perfect quality

Quality is a top priority at RÖSLE. Here is simply paid attention to everything and that makes RÖSLE - thought out to the smallest detail.
Kitchen gadgets silicone hang on wall molding

Sustainable design

RÖSLE products convince with an extremely beautiful and appealing design and their unbeatable functionality.
Charcoal kettle grill AIR F60 PRO with gourmet ring in the foreground and in the background friends sitting together at the table

Family business

Founded in 1888 by master tinsmith Karl Theodor Rösle and still in family hands with great-grandson Dr. Hermann Steinhauser.

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