Everything on charcoal!

Rösle charcoal ball grills.

Friends barbecue together on charcoal kettle grill AIR F60
Man grilling on the kettle grill AIR F60 NERO

The anniversary model - Charcoal kettle grill No.1 AIR F60 NERO

  • Special edition in elegant matt-black design 
  • Incl. grill grate system VARIO+ in stainless steel 
  • Patented AIR Control System provides simple and direct control of the supply air and for the removal of the ash container with only one rotary knob

Masterful Grilling Charcoal kettle grill No.1 SPORT F50 in the FC BAYERN Edition

  • Black sporty look with FC Bayern branding on the tray 
  • Large lid thermometer with FC Bayern logo 
  • Red ventilation handle 
  • Practical lid hinge
  • Icon charcoal grill with open lid

    TODAY IN FOCUS: The different grilling zones on the charcoal grill.

    Direct heat, indirect grilling, flipping or just keeping warm - to get the most out of your charcoal grill, there are different ways to do it. One of them is the optimal arrangement of the charcoal for grilling. The following 4 examples show which method is best suited for the respective requirement.

    Grilling method of the ring


    The indirect heat in the center of the charcoal grill is perfect for spare ribs, pizza stone or pulled pork.

    Grill method of half moon


    Sear on one side of the charcoal grill, finish cooking on the other. Perfect for fillet steaks.

    Grill method the alley


    The alley in the middle of the grill grate offers plenty of space for skewers or other elongated grilled food.

    Grill method the eye


    Sear in the center and around the outside to warm up or keep warm grilled food or vegetables.

    Icon meat fork

    A round thing - Everything around the kettle grill

    The right grill grate

    Grilling Grate No 1 F50/AIR F50 stainless steel 20 in.
    Grilling Grate No 1 F60/AIR F60 stainless steel 24 in.
    Grilling Grate Belly/Sport/Smoker F50 stainless steel 20 in.
    Grilling Grate Sport F60 stainless steel 24 in.
    Stainless steel grill grate Vario+ for No.1 F60
    Charcoal Basket f. Grill 60 cm 2 pces
    Vegetables on grill grate
    Vegetables on grill grate of charcoal grill AIR F60

    Experience diversity

    Gourmet Ring No.1 F60/F60 AIR/G60
    Premium Rotisserie G2/G3/F60
    Hook Set No.1 F50/F60/F50 AIR/F60 AIR/G60 5 pcs.
    Stainless Steel Charcoal Starter
    Pizza Stone Round Ø 41 cm|16 in.
    Shelf Kettle Grill No.1 F50/F60/F50 AIR/F60 AIR/G60 Beech wood

    Roast chicken from the spit


    •  1 fresh chicken (approx. 1200 g)
    • 3 EL tablespoons roast chicken seasoning
    • 1 freezer bag with 4 l


    Check the fresh chicken for quills and remove, take out giblets if any.

    Then place the chicken with seasoning in a freezer bag. Massage the chicken through the bag with the spice and check that all areas (e.g. also under the wings) are well covered with spice (add more spice if necessary).

    Add a little olive oil to the bag and press down just a little. Do not rub any more, otherwise the spice will be removed again!

    Put the chicken on the spit and fix it with the meat fixings. It is important that the wings and legs are against the body and secured with the fixings. Still balance the rotisserie with the help of the balance weight.

    Grill at indirect heat 180 °C (burners 1 & 4 on MAX) for approx. 1.5 hours Keep lid closed and do not open! When the roast chicken is nice and crispy on the outside, it can be removed from the spit and served.

    Chicken on rotisserie, as well as corn on the cob, baguette and stuffed peppers on kettle grill AIR F60

    Ideal covered & stowed

    Protective Cover Kettle Grill No.1 F50/F50 AIR black (Ø 50 cm|20 in.)
    Protective Cover Smoker No.1 F50/F50-S
    Protective Cover Kettle Grill No.1 Sport models Ø 50 cm|20 in.
    FC Bayern Edition - Protective Cover Kettle Grill No.1 Sport models Ø 50 cm | 20 in.