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Plug in, heat up and you're ready to go.

Digital display is operated with rotary knob
Icon meat fork


Friends stand around electric grill and laugh together

Plug in & Heat up

The VIDERO series is getting a new addition in the form of the mobile electric grill VIDERO E2-P.

Plug in and heat up and you're ready to go. With 2,800 W and a grilling temperature of up to 300 °C, a separable grill grate, a removable grease drip tray on the side and a clever cleaning routine, this little one simply offers all the possibilities of modern grilling.

Now no city balcony has to do without a RÖSLE grill if gas or charcoal grills are excluded in the house rules.

Electric Grill BBQ-Portable Videro E2-P

The electric grill with all its features:


Additional accessories such as the carrying bag for convenient transport with wide carrying handle, the base frame or a practical grill plate for more grilling options ensure more enjoyment from the mobile gas barbecue.

Carrying Bag for BBQ-Portable VIDERO G2-P/E2-P
Stand for Videro G2-P/E2-P
Grill plate VIDERO G2-P/E2-P
Cable coming out of the electric grill
Couple barbecuing together on electric grill and laughing while doing it
Electric grill is covered with many AMORE stickers