Grilling at the highest level!

The new PRO models from RÖSLE.

Gas grill Videro PRO G3-S, G4-S and G6-S in a row
Electric Grill & Mobile Grill PRO


When friends unexpectedly arrive or a spontaneous barbecue is planned, the new electric grill VIDERO PRO E2-P is a reliable partner. It is ready for use in no time and, thanks to the power supply, needs neither charcoal nor gas.

At the lake, in the park or when camping, the gas grill BBQ-Portable VIDERO PRO G2-P is - as the name already says - always part of the party. And now even in a new look with a matte black housing. But the small portable not only looks stunningly good, but also convinces with its inner qualities.

Due to their compact dimensions, the small take up little space on the balcony or table and grilling with them is a clean and safe affair.


Stand for Videro G2-P/E2-P
Carrying Bag for BBQ-Portable VIDERO G2-P/E2-P
Gas grill PRO

The gas grill BBQ stations in the PRO version

Excerpts of some features of the PRO models
Gas Grill BBQ-Station VIDERO G2 black 50 mbar
Gas grill BBQ-Station VIDERO G3 black 50 mbar
Gas grill BBQ-Station MAGNUM PRO G3 black 50 mbar
Charcoal kettle grill PRO

Charcoal kettle grills in the PRO version.

The elemental force of a blazing fire, but also the enticing smell of freshly grilled food are certainly part of the fascination of grilling. But also the fun of trying out new recipes, serving fish you've caught yourself, or even baking a fresh loaf of bread in the Dutch Oven - all these ideas offer room for creativity and the opportunity to get dinner on the table at the same time in the perfect work-life balance.

And this is where it comes into play, the charcoal kettle grill No.1 AIR as a PRO model. In addition to the previously known highlights such as the patented AIR CONTROL system, the large grilling surface or the comfortable working height, the AIR appears in the matte black PRO look with VARIO+ grill grate system in stainless steel.

What more could you want?