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If a charcoal grill brings too high temperatures, the following steps must be followed.

1) When using only coal briquettes.
2) Check the amount of coal, please keep the maximum load.
3) Don't let the inserted coal glow completely, but only a part of it (about 500g of coal). The minion ring method is also suitable for this purpose. For more information, refer to your grill manual.
4) First set the vent at the bottom of the grill to MIN. If this is not enough, close the top vent to 1/3. Never close the top vent completely as this could cause the coals to run out or "fall asleep".
5) At temperatures below 120°C, water should be added to the water tank. In this way, a foreign medium is also heated and the heat distribution reacts more homogeneously.

There are several ways to clean the grill grate.

Here is one variant:
The grill grate is brushed off while hot after grilling with a cleaning brush to remove the coarse remains of the grilling process. Now let the grill cool down completely and then cover it with a hood. The next time you grill, bring the coals to a glow again and put the grill grate back on immediately after adding the embers. After about 10 minutes, the residue on the grill grate will burn off and can then simply be brushed off with the grill cleaning brush. Finally, rub the hot grill grate with a paper kitchen towel soaked in some sunflower oil and with the help of the grill tongs to remove the burned remains. Now the grill grate is lightly oiled and ready for the next grilled food.

To bring a charcoal grill to the desired temperature, the correct amount of dry charcoal / briquettes must be used. Open the lower supply air regulator completely and get the charcoal glowing with the help of a kindling chimney. When the top layer of charcoal in the kindling chimney is covered with a layer of ash, it can be poured into the grill. Set up the ember bed according to the desired cooking method and place the grill grate on top. Now wait at least 3 minutes until the embers have cooled down from the orange glowing to the red glowing state and only then close the lid. After approx. 10 minutes, you can read the current internal cooking chamber temperature on the thermometer. Now you can regulate the temperature accordingly with the supply air slider at the bottom of the grill. (Control range approx. 30 - 50°C).

Please note, with the amount of coal you determine the basic temperature in the grill. With 2.5 kg of glowing briquettes you cannot regulate the grill down to 100°C, for this you must use correspondingly less grill charcoal.
Do not open the lid to check the temperature, use the lid thermometer for this purpose. Each time you open the lid, you will have to extend the cooking time by 5 minutes for indirect grilling.
The RÖSLE Roast or Core Temperature Gauge can be used to determine the core temperature.

Charcoal should never be refilled during the grilling process and when the grill grate is occupied. Refilling the charcoal causes the temperature to drop sharply during grilling and the grilling process is interrupted. In addition, there is a risk of coal dust settling on the grilled food and negatively affecting the taste.

In the RÖSLE Ignition Chimney, bring the required quantity to glow separately and then immediately refill the glowing charcoal. This will allow you to continue grilling right away.
If this is not possible, finish grilling the food with the residual heat and remove the empty grill grate from the grill. Now you can pour cold charcoal onto the remaining embers. When the new charcoal is completely glowing again, the grill grate is put back on and can be covered with grilled food again after heating up.

If the embers are no longer needed, they can be extinguished prematurely. To do this, completely close the supply and exhaust air at the top and bottom. Keep the lid closed. Depending on the amount of charcoal, this can take up to 30 minutes until the charcoal is extinguished. Please note that individual parts of the grill may still be hot afterwards. The cover may only be pulled over the cooled grill after 12 hours.

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