Even more possibilities - the VARIO grill system!

Pizza stone in the Vario grill grate system
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The VARIO grill system for all VIDERO grill stations

Various inserts for the Vario grill rack system
Pizza Stone Vario Ø 30 cm
Grilling Plate Vario Ø 30 cm
Wok Vario Ø 36 cm
Dutch Oven Ø 35 cm | 13.8 in. Vario
Grilling Grid RS Vario Ø 30 cm|11,8 in.
Pizza stone and cast iron grill in the holder on the side of the grll

Everything in its place

Vario holder for grill inserts

  • With the holder the VARIO inserts are always ready to hand
  • Robust stainless steel frame provides a secure hold and is easy to mount thanks to hooks
  • Space for 3 inserts

Icon charcoal grill

The flexible ball

Stainless steel grill grate Vario+ for charcoal kettle grill No.1 F60

  • Thanks to the VARIO+ insert, even more dishes are now possible on the kettle grill
  • Side parts can be folded up to refill charcoal without having to remove the grate

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Vegetarian curry from the wok
Video thumbnail with Christian Henze