On the Road

Our mobile gas barbecue. Now it's off into the countryside! And the new little VIDERO G2-P comes along, of course.

VW Bully with gas grill and deck chairs
Icon gas grill


Gas grill BBQ-Portable VIDERO G2-P 50 mbar
Gasgrill BBQ-Portable VIDERO G2-P 30mbar


Additional accessories such as the carrying bag for convenient transport with wide carrying handle, the base frame or a practical grill plate for more grilling options ensure more enjoyment from the mobile gas barbecue.

Carrying Bag for BBQ-Portable VIDERO G2-P/E2-P
Stand for Videro G2-P/E2-P
Stand for Videro G2-P/E2-P
Not available
Grill plate VIDERO G2-P/E2-P
Grill plate VIDERO G2-P/E2-P
Not available
Man carrying portable gas grill and woman picnic basket
Man at barbecue and woman with picnic basket in hand in front of VW Bully
Grilled food on gas grill