With heart and mind.

Family at the table next to the gas BBQ station Videro G4-S

The RÖSLE BBQ range

Nowadays, barbecuing is no longer just a matter for good weather, but has become a natural year-round activity. That's why we present useful helpers that can even withstand wind and weather and can be used for any barbecue occasion.

With each of our products, we want to express that we love what we do and care about where we come from.

As "genuine Allgäuers", our actions are based on the handicraft traditions and tangible convictions of our origins.

Again and again we challenge ourselves, search for the perfect solution, like to put something on top. And we enjoy what we do, how we do it and our products. So on our photo shoot days, it's always "get to the grill" and from the trainees to the sales managers, everyone is there to put the new products in the limelight.

We grill and turn, sizzle and roast, decorate and serve. You can see how much fun we are having in the RÖSLE pictures.

We are ready.
Grill and Chill with RÖSLE.
Dutch Oven Vario lid as pan on Videro G3-S

Gas grills

Creative grillers get their money's worth at our gas grill BBQ stations with their high-quality cast iron grates and numerous additionally available grill inserts.

The extra hot prime zone allows for a strong and crispy finish. The glass insert in the lid ensures that you can always keep an eye on the food being grilled. Thus, the lid can remain closed during preparation and no heat escapes. 
Barbecue with barbecue tongs on charcoal barbecue F60

Charcoal grills

When the sun is shining and barbecue parties are on the rise, our kettle grills guarantee delicious food from the grill with the original taste of wood fire - no matter whether fillets, sausages or vegetable skewers.

The appliances, which have been tested many times and have won awards from the experts, also offer numerous other advantages: a robustly crafted frame in a high-quality design with rubber-tyred wheels, a comfortable working height and an extra-large grilling surface.
Grilled vegetables in a rotating spit basket and universal bowl with garlic baguette

Grill accessories

From the rotating spit, to the Primezone windbreak, to the right barbecue tongs, we offer high-quality barbecue tools for everyone.

So grilling is not only fun, but also becomes a real eye-catcher due to the noble design and the outstanding functionality.
Three friends stand around barbecue by the lake and barbecue together.
Logo Grill and Chill

When is barbecue season? - Always!

RÖSLE is one big family and that's why we packed up the grills, took our colleagues with us and went to the lake to barbecue. Because togetherness is what it's all about - time together!
In this short video we would like to show what the motto GRILL AND CHILL actually means to us.
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