Product information "FC Bayern Edition - Gas grill BBQ Station VIDERO G4-S FCB Vario+ black 50 mbar "
  • FC Bayern Edition: lettering next to the RÖSLE model name
  • Gas grill with 4 main stainless steel burners (3.5 kW each)
  • Main grill surface: 70 × 45 cm (3,150 cm²)
  • Hot grate: 70 × 16 cm
  • Prime zone in the side table (3.5 kW)
  • With side burner (3,0 kW)
  • Solid grill grates made of enameled cast iron ensure good branding
  • Grill grates can be used on both sides
  • Foldable side tables on both sides
  • Heat distributor and grease drip tray made of stainless steel
  • Illuminated knobs (two colors)
  • Lid with glass insert provides practical insight into the cooking chamber
  • Large lid thermometer (display in °C and °F) with FC Bayern logo
  • Incl. cutlery holder
  • Housing made of powder-coated steel
  • Gas pressure regulator with integrated hose rupture safety device
  • FC Bayern branding: red lid handle, red door handles, as well as red silicone knobs
  • Incl. 3x2 stickers for own attachment to the grill (2x FC BAYERN logo, 2x MIA SAN MIA lettering, 2x 5 stars
Art. 25662
EAN 4004293256621
Weight 64.45 kg
Height 660 mm
width 660 mm
Length 810 mm
Weight: 53.65 kg
Length: 138 cm
Width: 57 cm
Height: 117.5 cm
Material: Stahl
Color: black
Surface: enameled, powder coating
For food contact: Yes
Series: FC Bayern
Working height: 90 cm
Material grill grate: Gusseisen emailliert
Lid thermometer: Yes
Lid hinge: Yes
Main grill surface: 70 x 45
Heat retaining surface: 70 x 16
Power main burner: 14 kW
Power side burner: 3 kW
Burner capacity (total): 20.5 kW
Prime zone power: 3.5 kW

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Spare parts

Lid (Videro G4-S NERO)
Not available

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Owners of old appliances must also separate old batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed by the old appliance before handing them in at a collection point. 
The latter does not apply if the waste equipment is separated from other waste equipment in accordance with Section 14 (5) sentences 2 and 3 ElektroG as part of the opt-in by the public waste management authorities for the purpose of preparing it for reuse.
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Grilling Plate Vario Ø 30 cm
FC Bayern Edition - Burger Press
FC Bayern Edition - Barbecue Tongs 40 cm|15.7 in. matt
Grilling Grid RS Vario Ø 30 cm|11,8 in.
Pizza Stone Vario Ø 30 cm
FC Bayern Edition - Grill Cleaning Brush 43 cm | 16.9 in.
FC Bayern Edition - Protective Cover VIDERO G4/G4-S
FC Bayern Edition - Barbecue Cleaning Brush SlideX
Grilling Plate VIDERO, 24 x 45 cm (starting from model year 2021)
FC Bayern Edition - Premium Barbecue Grill Tongs
Placeholder image
Grilling Grate Vario+ Videro G2/G4/G6 cast iron 48x45 cm


Hennig Klempp and Andreas Jung hold Rösle Fc Bayern jerseys


With this partnership we connect two favorite hobbies of the Germans: Soccer and barbecue.

But that's not all: a long-standing tradition, Bavarian roots, family values, a connection to the region and the pursuit of success and quality - there is much more that connects us with FC Bayern Munich.

Whether it's the traditional grilled sausage in the stadium or the BBQ party in your own backyard for a Bundesliga or Champions League match - soccer fans are usually also BBQ lovers. Because during an exciting game, the shared enjoyment and jubilation is particularly enjoyable!
FC Bayern Edition Gas Grill BBQ Station Videro G4-S and Charcoal Kettle Grill No.1 Sport F50 on the Terrace

RÖSLE Grill with Football Twist - It's going into the net!

Anyone who wants to prove their fan loyalty to FC Bayern Munich in their own backyard will be delighted with the new barbecue portfolio.

In the well-known high RÖSLE quality, the gas barbecue BBQ stations VIDERO G2-S, G3-S and G4-S as well as the kettle barbecue NO.1 SPORT F50 are available as "FC Bayern Edition" in an exclusive special edition with special fan details.
Turning sausages with FC Bayern Edition Premium barbecue tongs

The tool makes the master!

In addition to the grill models, the matching accessories will become part of the range. Because, as we all know, the tools make the master!

The popular RÖSLE grill tongs, cleaning brushes, premium grill gloves and a set of steak knives will make the fan appearance perfect. And if the steak from the grill isn't enough, you can look forward to a branded pizza stone and the FC Bayern Edition burger press.
Henning Klempp
"FC Bayern stands for absolute quality on the pitch and for RÖSLE, too, this has been part of the standard for its products since 1888. The common basis for a successful partnership is right here, and what's more, both companies come from Bavaria."

Henning Klempp, Managing Director

Grill and chill - family barbecues together


When there are no limits to culinary delights and neither space nor time stand in the way of the BBQ experience, the desire for crunchy vegetables, juicy meat or fresh fish is put into practice.
With passion, love and the experience value of five generations, the GRILL AND CHILL philosophy lives in our appliances, in all accessory articles, with which grilling with friends or family becomes a shared experience.
Spending time together. Barbecueing together and enjoying life. And at the end of the evening, chilling together, happy and full, satisfied and proud. Doesn't just sound good. It is.

The versatile ones!

The gas grill BBQ stations from RÖSLE stand confidently. Pure design with all the refinements that high-performance gas grills have to offer:
The fast ignition and powerful energy of the burners, the wide temperature range and even heat development paired with clean combustion and plenty of convenience - from the back-friendly working height to the side, foldable storage shelves and the spacious base cabinet with plenty of room for accessories.
Barbecueing with the BBQ-Station Videro G4-S Nero gas barbecue
Barbecue friends with the gas barbecue BBQ station Videro G4-S


Anyone who is passionate about cooking and grilling knows how to appreciate the best quality. Because good ingredients, good utensils, desire and a good mood make the greatest delicacies succeed.
The RÖSLE range has everything you need for fresh and healthy cooking and safe and precise preparation.
What RÖSLE stands for sounds simple, yet there is a lot behind it: Making everyday products always a little bit better. We don't just look at the tool, but also at the person who should enjoy working with it.
Lid with glass insert of the Videro G4-S
Steaks on the Primezone
The popcorn pan on the side burner
Side table folds down without tools.
Barbecue with open lid in the foreground and behind it 4 friends sitting together at the table and eating.
Plancha grill plate with scampi and vegetables on grill grate.

This is how you grill with RÖSLE!

Barbecue with friends and the RÖSLE BBQ Gas Grill Station VIDERO G4-S!

The only thing missing is the next date for the joint barbecue party. The grill is ready and has a lot ready: 4 high-performance stainless steel burners on the main grill surface, a side stove in the right side table and the extra-hot prime zone in the left side table. There's room for all kinds of grilling fun.

Equipped with the Vario+ grill grate system, woks, pizza stones or a Dutch Oven can easily be used here.

The foldable side tables can be used quickly and flexibly - if more guests arrive, simply fold them up and continue.

Then - invite friends, have them bring bread and salad and off goes a nice barbecue evening.

Other features at a glance

Gas grill Videro G4-S on the terrace.

Storage space in the base cabinet:

For gas cylinders up to 11 kg and accessories.
Grease drip tray

Drip tray

For dripping fat and cooking liquids. This can be removed for cleaning on the front of the appliance.
Hook bar on the side table of the Videro G4-S

Hook bar included

For hanging barbecue accessories such as barbecue tongs or BBQ turner, so that they are always right at hand.
Gas barbecue lid thermometer

Large lid thermometer

With easy-to-read temperature display in °C and °F.
Hose rupture protection for gas barbecues

Hose rupture protection

Gas pressure regulator with integrated hose rupture safety device
Couple grilling together at the Videro G4-S and friends sitting at the table in the background.


Large grilling surface:
70 x 45 cm = 3.150 cm²

(L x B x H) 138 x 57 x117,5 cm

Dimensions (side tables folded down):
(L x B x H) 102,5 x 57 x 117,5 cm

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