Product information "Gas grill BBQ-Station VIDERO G2-S Vario+ black 50 mbar"

All product details at a glance:

  • Gas grill with 2 main burners (each 3.5 kW/11,942 BTU)
  • Stainless steel high power burner with jet flame ignition system
  • Primezone in the side table (3,5 kW/11,942 BTU)
  • Main barbecue area: 47.5 × 45 cm/18.7 x 17.7 in.,
  • Warming rack: 47.5 × 16 cm/18.7 x 6.3 in.
  • Inclucing VARIO+ barbecue system with holder
  • Heavy-duty grill grates made of enamelled cast iron give you classic “barbecue stripes”
  • VARIO grill insert can be used on both sides
  • With side burner (3.0 kW/10,236 BTU)
  • Side tables fold on both sides
  • Heat distributor and grease catcher made from stainless steel
  • Illuminated control knops (two-coloured)
  • Lid with glass inset allows practical viewing of the cooking space
  • Large lid thermometer (display in °C and °F)
  • Inclusive cutlery holder
  • Case made from powder coated steel
  • Gas pressure regulator with integrated hose breakage protection
  • Storage area for gas tanks up to 5 kg/11 lbs DE
Art. 25533
EAN 4004293255334
Weight 53.7 kg
Height 660 mm
width 570 mm
Length 840 mm
Weight unpacked: 42.25 kg
Length unpacked: 114.5 cm
Width unpacked: 58 cm
Height unpacked: 118 cm
Materials: Stahl, Stainless steel 18-0
Colors: black
Surfaces: matt, powder coating
Food contact: Yes
Collection: Videro
Working height: 88 cm
Material grill grate: Gusseisen emailliert
Lid thermometer: Yes
Lid hinge: Yes
Main burner: 2 Stk
Battery type: AA - Alkaline-Mignon
Number of batteries: 5 Stk
Main grill surface: 47,50 x 45
Heat retaining surface: 47,50 x 16
Power main burner: 7 kW
Power side burner: 3 kW
Burner capacity (total): 13.5 kW
Prime zone power: 3.5 kW

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reviewsAt: 30/03/2023, 10:52

Ein wirklich tolles Gerät

Ich habe diesen Grill am 25.4.2022 über Check24 gekauft. Der Grill wurde gestern, Freitag, schon geliefert. Der Zusammenbau ist denkbar einfach, weil die Bedienungsanleitung wirklich klasse geschrieben und mit vielen Detailbildern versehen ist. Die Qualität dieses Grills ist einfach klasse. Alle Details sind gut durchdacht. Die verwendeten Materialien sind super. Schreiben sind alle aus Edelstahl und werden nicht einfach ins Blech geschraubt sondern haben extra Gewindehülsen für einen sicheren Halt. Die erste Inbetriebnahme funktionierte klasse und ohne jegliche Fehler. Ich kann diesen Gasgrill mit absoluter Sicherheit empfehlen.

Spare parts

Touch-up pencil Videro
Not available


Wok Vario PRO Ø 36 cm
Grilling Plate Vario Ø 30 cm
Grilling Grid RS Vario Ø 30 cm|11,8 in.
Pizza Stone Vario Ø 30 cm
Protective Cover Videro G2/G2-S
Premium Rotisserie G2/G3/F60
Stainless Steel Smoker Box Videro
Dutch Oven Ø 35 cm | 13.8 in. Vario
Primezone Wind Protection VIDERO
Grill and chill - family barbecues together


When there are no limits to culinary delights and neither space nor time stand in the way of the BBQ experience, the desire for crunchy vegetables, juicy meat or fresh fish is put into practice.
With passion, love and the experience value of five generations, the GRILL AND CHILL philosophy lives in our appliances, in all accessory articles, with which grilling with friends or family becomes a shared experience.
Spending time together. Barbecueing together and enjoying life. And at the end of the evening, chilling together, happy and full, satisfied and proud. Doesn't just sound good. It is.

The versatile ones!

The gas grill BBQ stations from RÖSLE stand confidently. Pure design with all the refinements that high-performance gas grills have to offer:
The fast ignition and powerful energy of the burners, the wide temperature range and even heat development paired with clean combustion and plenty of convenience - from the back-friendly working height to the side, foldable storage shelves and the spacious base cabinet with plenty of room for accessories.
Barbecueing with the BBQ-Station Videro G4-S Nero gas barbecue
Barbecue friends with the gas barbecue BBQ station Videro G4-S


Anyone who is passionate about cooking and grilling knows how to appreciate the best quality. Because good ingredients, good utensils, desire and a good mood make the greatest delicacies succeed.
The RÖSLE range has everything you need for fresh and healthy cooking and safe and precise preparation.
What RÖSLE stands for sounds simple, yet there is a lot behind it: Making everyday products always a little bit better. We don't just look at the tool, but also at the person who should enjoy working with it.
Lid with glass insert
Steaks on the Primezone
The popcorn pan on the side burner
Cutting off the side table from the Videro G2-S
Barbecue on the terrace with the Videro G2-S
Grilling vegetable skewers

This is how you grill with RÖSLE!

Small balcony or small terrace? 

No problem, because the small VIDERO G2-S is equipped with 2 powerful stainless steel burners, plus an extra side stove in the right side table and the extra-hot prime zone in the left side table. There you get not only 2 people full but easily a few more. The foldable side table (right and left foldable) makes space-saving storage very easy - but just as quickly the grill is ready for use again.

The only thing missing is the next date for the barbecue party.

Other features at a glance

Barbecue on the terrace with the Videro G2-S

Storage space in the base cabinet:

For gas cylinders up to 5 kg and accessories.
Grease drip tray

Drip tray

For dripping fat and cooking liquids. This can be removed for cleaning on the front of the appliance.
CoverVidero G2-S with hook bar

Hook bar included

For hanging barbecue accessories such as barbecue tongs or BBQ turner, so that they are always right at hand.
Gas barbecue lid thermometer

Large lid thermometer

With easy-to-read temperature display in °C and °F.
Hose rupture protection for gas barbecues

Hose rupture protection

Gas pressure regulator with integrated hose rupture safety device
Barbecuing with the Videro G2-S on the terrace


Large grilling surface:
47,5 x 45 cm = 2.137 cm²

(L x B x H) 114,5 x 57 x 117,5 cm

Dimensions (side tables folded down):
(L x B x H) 79 x 57 x 117,5 cm

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